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ITIL Capacity Management – As Easy as 1-2-3

In the ITIL guidance, Capacity Management is broken down into three related sub-processes. In this blog we will look at the three subprocesses and how they help us have better visibility into customer needs. The first of the subprocesses is Component Capacity Management. For this subprocess we could easily substitute the word Utilization, for the […]
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3 Critical Factors in Successful ITSM Adoption (and one to grow on)

Many organizations are working to adopt ITIL practices and improve the quality of services they provide to their customers. Yet many organization, especially larger ones with a broad array of potential areas of opportunity, struggle to identify the key critical success factors that make ITIL adoptions successful. We’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds […]
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Service Engagement Workshop

ITIL Simulations games provide complex problems requiring cross business and IT team engagement highlighting strengths and weaknesses of business processes and facilitating the successful adoption of new methods.
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Free ITIL Lessons Learned Webinar Coming Soon

Lessons Learned from 200 ITIL Implementations over 20 Years Don’t miss our upcoming free ITIL webinar on “Lessons Learned: Best Practices in Implementing ITIL Best Practices.” Deep Creek Founder and President Patrick von Schlag will review many of the most critical issues organizations face in implementing ITIL and how to overcome them. Register for the […]
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I have been thinking about Carol’s and IT Skeptic’s comments about PM (and have read the thread he pointed me to, and an awful lot more) and I still think this comes down to a simpler notion. We have a yawning, enormous gap in most IT organizations between Design and Operations, in many cases cast […]
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If you look at the descriptions of Critical Success Factors associated with ITSM adoptions, the first one on almost any list is Management Commitment. Sounds good…until you try to figure out exactly what that means… Management Commitment is more than just the willingness to train people, or buy software, or even have big Communications strategies […]
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ITIL implementation — the big picture

I’m currently helping to support a large scale introduction of the ITIL processes (at least some of them) to a large military organization. While there is a lot of focus on the blocking and tacking around processes, supporting tools, and the like, it never seems to amaze me how every one of these adoptions are […]
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ITIL hands make light work…

Today’s post really is meant to remind all of us (myself very much included) why ITIL and IT service management matter. 20 years ago, if my email service went down, hardly anyone even noticed (On my BITNET account, I probably could send e-mail to about 5 people). Now, an e-mail outage can disrupt world commerce […]
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Building a Service Culture

[button color=”#000000″ background=”#ff9900″ size=”large” src=”./call-schedule”]Register Now![/button] Course Description The basis for IT service provider organizations to deliver better value to their business customers begins with creating a “service culture.” Service culture is much more pervasive than a simple “customer service” perspective; it pervades what we do, how we do it, why we do it, and […]
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