Your business needs are unique. Each business has its own distinctive objectives and desired outcomes. Its own strengths, weaknesses, and resources.

If you are not getting the results you expected from your IT investments, talk to us. We can help you get back on track and start gaining the returns you deserve from your investment.
Whether you are looking for a little guidance from time to time (one of our clients calls us the "ITIL Whisperer"), or for support for a large scale project of a year or more, Deep Creek's teams are skilled consultants who will help you make practical decisions about how to leverage good practices and industry tools to support your needs.
One of the most challenging parts of implementing best practices is translating them to actual performance in the workplace. Deep Creek can help you break this vicious cycle and help you find your missing links. Whether it's writing user guides, building process workflows, or just facilitating workshops to help you develop the right questions to ask and the order you want to answer them, Deep Creek can help you build practices that are consistent, sustainable, and that will help you optimize your IT investments regardless of the tool, framework (NIST, ITIL, Agile, COBIT) or current governing structure.
We don’t come in knowing the answers to your problems. We help you unleash your teams to find solutions that work well for you.
Our customers are the smartest people in their businesses; we help organizations identify and prioritize their options so they can make their own best choices.

Deep Creek Consulting services include capabilities such as: Procedures and Work Instructions, Tool Assessment, Road Maps, Simulations, Facilitation, Workshops, and Keynote Speaking.
Best Practices are often presented as “Silver Bullets,” but we know in the real world a Best Practice is only as good as its implementation. Using a framework effectively takes practical experience in real world settings, Deep Creek’s experts have experience not only implementing frameworks, but in teaching businesses how to adapt them to their own organizations. In addition to direct consulting, Deep Creek Center offers in-depth workshops and simulations that help your organization build buy-in, commitment, and excitement among IT teams and customer stakeholders alike. If your company is just introducing a new Best Practice, we can help with that too- Deep Creek offers world class certification programs in NIST, ITIL, Agile, and COBIT among others. 


Cyber-Security is the business equivalent of a national military. It is, perhaps, the most important and most difficult aspect of business safety today. In this large, rapidly changing environment, it is critical that priorities are clear and well-understood. From the Board room to the loading dock, IT affects every stakeholder.
Using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Deep Creek Center will help organizations of all sizes and maturity levels to identify and prioritize their cybersecurity investments. We translate very technical security activities and practice areas into consumable business language suitable for meaningful discussions with all business stakeholders, including the C-suite and the Board. We also help the IT staff determine and establish a security beachhead, drive optimization and improvement, and provide an effective roadmap for implementation activities.
With the threats today delivering projects on time, on budget, and at the appropriate level of quality is more critical than ever.


Organizations implementing ITIL and ISO 20000 often struggle to achieve the desired objectives. Deep Creek helps organizations transform their use of ITSM practices through a series of simulation, workshop training and consulting practices to help and enterprise save money and improve quality of service.
Deep Creek was pleased to be selected as the learning provider for Walt Disney’s ITIL Journey . The case study describes their vision and program results and benefits.
Working with the IRS has allowed Deep Creek Center to provide our customary care to a large and complex government agency.
Deep Creek is pleased to have worked with Molina Health Care over a number of years to establish and improve their ITSM practices. Molina calls the following short video of a customized simulation workshop its Service Engagement Model. This video is a great sneak peek into the transformative power of simulations to create culture change.


Most organizations are beginning or have begun moving to the use of Agile practices, including Scrum, Kanban, and LEAN, among others. Deep Creek helps organizations adopt and adapt Agile practices to improve responsiveness and service quality. 
How can I be more effective? It feels like it's not working that well...
– CIO Manufacturing


Deep Creek Center is tool agnostic. We work for you, not the tool developer.
Every successful tool rollout begins with a detailed set of requirements, clarity on the interconnected needs of multiple process or project areas and integrated sets of knowledge to support management objectives. While there are many tools that CAN support these needs, without the correct awareness of the processes and procedural disciplines needed to produce that information, the tools and initiatives will ultimately fail. Deep Creek Center is tool agnostic. We want to work with your business to help you align your processes and tools with a strategic view of overall IT and business governance objectives. We work for you, not the tool developer. If you are not getting the results you expected from your ITSM or PPM investments, talk to us. We can help you get back on track and start gaining the returns you expected from your investment.


One of the fundamental problems organizations face is establishing clear lines of authority and control when provisioning and delivering cross-functional processes and services. Deep Creek helps its customers identify key roles and responsibilities, establish communications architectures, and facilitate better collaboration.

Leveraging best practice frameworks such as Cobit 5, Deep Creek can help your organization better align IT to the businesses’ needs and improve the quality of your organizations processes, services, and other business enablers.
For information on consulting or custom workshops, contact us .
For training in the Cobit 5 framework, click here.


The formation of the Business Relationship Manager role (BRM) has transformed the nature of the relationship between IT service providers and business organizations. Deep Creek assists BRM’s in defining strategic business needs and aligning cost effective solutions.
Talk with us about how we can help you establish BRMs in your organization


Business Analysts provide a critical liaison between IT service provider organizations and their business customers. Business Analysts (BAs) are responsible for eliciting, documenting, and validating business requirements for IT services and solutions. Deep Creek Center assists organizations in formalizing their business analysis practices and leveraging industry frameworks such as the BABOK. We also help organizations adapt Agile practices such as Scrum. For information on consulting or custom workshops, contact us..