Experienced professionals can jump start programs using guided workshops to provide IT teams or business executives with the focused guidance they need.
More than ever, organizations have to be prepared to adapt. The realities of strategic volatility and the transformation of digital business models challenge every organization to gain speed and build flexibility to reflect these dynamics.
Workshops, Facilitation, and Simulations are all tools Deep Creek has available to help teams, executives, and business units better create, deploy, and support best practice initiatives of any size.

Often training is not the answer. Organizations require practical guidance on how to align their people, practices, tools, information, and cultures to support successful delivery of valuable services. It may be helpful to
- Get inputs on a major new proposal or initiative to ensure readiness
- Assess the viability of a business case to support digital transformation goals
- Have an independent 3rd party facilitate the identification, prioritization, and validation of customer requirements and solution alternatives
Deep Creek Center would be pleased to support your initiatives in the way that works best for your company. Experienced professionals can jump start programs using guided workshops to provide IT teams or business executives with the focused guidance they need.
Our customers are the smartest people in their businesses; we help organizations identify and prioritize their options so they can make their own best choices.

Procedures and Work Instructions 

"What makes an incident a priority 1 here?"
One of the most challenging parts of implementing best practices is translating them to actual performance in the workplace. Many organizations begin in the wrong place; by purchasing large toolsets for ITSM or PPM adoption, without effectively designed policies, processes, and procedures. Ironically those organizations then tend to spend the next 18 months turning the new tooling into the old tooling that they didn't like in the first place! Deep Creek can help you break this vicious cycle by helping you develop the missing link: procedures and work instructions. Whether it's writing user guides, building process workflows, or just facilitating workshops to help you answer the proverbial question "What makes an incident a priority 1 here?" Deep Creek can help you build practices that are consistent, sustainable, and that will help you optimize your investments in tooling like ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, HP Service Manager, or other enterprise software tools. Contact us so we can talk with you about how we can help.  .
With the threats today delivering projects on time, on budget, and at the appropriate level of quality is more critical than ever.

TooL assessment

Many of our customers began their best practice journeys by purchasing tooling, yet failed to produce a detailed set of requirements, nor had clarity on the interconnected needs of multiple process or project areas to produce the integrated sets of knowledge needed to support management objectives. Management teams are usually interested in certain critical information, such as resource utilization, consolidated service histories, and portfolio management visibility. While there are many tools that CAN support these needs, without the correct awareness of the processes and procedural disciplines needed to produce that information, the tools and initiatives will ultimately fail. Few organizations can really help you align your processes and tools with a strategic view of overall IT and business governance objectives. Deep Creek can. If you are not getting the results you expected from your ITSM or PPM investments, talk to us. We can help you get back on track and start gaining the returns you expected from your investment. 

Road Map

ITSM and other best practice initiatives are often run as large scale projects and programs, yet organizational change disciplines teach us that unless quick wins can be identified and institutionalized, change initiatives are unlikely to sustain themselves and often dissolve into failed projects. In order to help organizations balance the needs for long-term planning with the need for consistent progress and early value delivery, Deep Creek helps create program and project road maps for its customers. The best approaches combine the lessons learned from continual service improvement, quality management, organizational change, and program management best practices, consolidated into a viable, achievable approach for getting value from initiatives and "making it stick." Contact us to learn more about how we can help you define your road map to a more successful future as a service provider.
How can I be more effective? It feels like it's not working that well...
– CIO Manufacturing


Deep Creek Center is tool agnostic. We work for you, not the tool developer.
Many times large scale initiatives around ITSM, PPM , Agile practices, or DevOps are not clearly almost anyone on the team. Why is this important to our customers? Why is this important to us? Why is this important to ME? Simulations are used to help stakeholders experience the "big idea." Why exactly do we want to address these areas? How would it feel if service providers and customers were really "on the same page?" Through experiential learning and gamification customers and service provider teams can build common visions, learn in an unforgettable way how and why services change how we view our roles and responsibilities, and begin real transformational change by gaining a high level of buy-in and commitment from all stakeholders. Any mix of stakeholders is appropriate, but it is especially powerful if key business stakeholders also participate in these sessions. A typical simulation runs a half-day to 2 days in lengths; longer sessions include ample time for debriefing, lessons learned, and workshopping activities. If you are concerned that your teams aren't really "rowing the boat in the same direction," a simulation could be just the solution to getting everyone working together toward a common objective.


Deep Creek consultants are often asked to help facilitate meetings for our customers so that their stakeholders can focus on the key issues at hand. Whether you need to do

• Strategic Planning
• Project Planning
• Risk Assessment
• Requirements Elicitation
• Service Planning

. . . or any other situation where an independent facilitator is needed, please contact us and we would be happy to help you.

Deep Creek was pleased to be selected as the learning provider for Walt Disney’s ITIL Journey . The case study describes their vision and program results and benefits.
Working with the IRS has allowed Deep Creek Center to provide our customary care to a large and complex government agency.
Deep Creek is pleased to have worked with Molina Health Care over a number of years to establish and improve their ITSM practices. Molina calls the following short video of a customized simulation workshop its Service Engagement Model. This video is a great sneak peek into the transformative power of simulations to create culture change.


Many traditional "training" companies really aren't equipped to get their hands dirty, to move past teaching core ideas to helping their customers. Deep Creek has many years of practical, "how-to" skills to help organizations build solutions properly tailored to their needs. Let us work with your stakeholders and subject matter experts to help you adopt and adapt best practices in a way that creates traction for you!
Here are some of the workshops we have offered many times. Please feel free to contact us about your specific needs.
1. Design processes
2. Tool Assessment
3. Define roles and responsibilities
4. Procedures and Work Instructions
5. Map services
6. Prioritize needs
7. Build Road Map
8. Write Proposals or Proposal Responses
1. Deploying and Improving your Release and Deployment Management Process
2. Deploying and Improving your Incident Management Process and Service Desk
3. Deploying and Improving your Change Management Process
4. Deploying and Improving your Configuration Management Process

Keynote speaking 

Deep Creek principal Patrick von Schlag is an accomplished public speaker and authority in the areas of IT Service Management, Project Management, Agile practices, Business Analysis, and Information Security. He has spoken at local, national, and global events, and regularly speaks at industry conferences and writes blogs for accreditation bodies such as Axelos ***link***. Patrick is funny, engaging, and helps attendees relax, open themselves to learning and growth, and offers a range of topics (or choose your own!). He is available for meetings small and large. 
We don’t come in knowing the answers to your problems. We help you unleash your teams to find solutions that work well for you.
Using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Deep Creek Center will help organizations of all sizes and maturity levels to identify and prioritize their cybersecurity investments. We translate very technical security activities and practice areas into consumable business language suitable for meaningful discussions with all business stakeholders, including the C-suite and the Board. We also help the IT staff determine and establish a security beachhead, drive optimization and improvement, and provide an effective roadmap for implementation activities.