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Working with Deep Creek has been a rewarding experience. No matter what items present themselves as possible obstacles to success, they offer solutions so the momentum of the project is not impacted. I'm taking copious notes to improve my own performance. 
– Diane White Senior QA Specialist Foxhole Technology


Learning about ITIL

ITIL is a best practice framework for organizing the creation, provisioning, delivery, and improvement of IT services. Fundamentally ITIL is about value; given all of the demands from different stakeholders for certain desired outcomes, how well can we help co-create value for all the relevant stakeholders?

ITIL uses the model of a Service Value System to help organize our approach. The Service Value System begins with various Opportunities and specific Demand for services, and ends with co-created Value for all of the stakeholders; the customers, users, sponsors, service providers, and other stakeholders (regulatory bodies etc.). All of these are produced by developing organizational capabilities.

For a clear description of ITIL basics and purpose please download our free white paper.

ITIL and Digital Transformation

ITIL began in an era where the focus was firmly on technology and the framework was focused on creating consistent, repeatable processes. The world has changed in fundamental ways over the last 30 years, and at this point it no longer even makes sense to think about IT outside the context of digital business, automated workflows, and leveraging digital platforms to serve new customers or existing customers in fundamentally new ways. ITIL in the 2020s is about digital business; enabling effective digital management, supporting organizational and strategic agility, and serving to create opportunities for creative disruption and new business models.

The ITIL Framework provides detailed practice guides for 34 disciplines, from strategy management to continual improvement. More importantly, it provides detailed guidance on building digital business, from digital/IT strategy to the creation of value streams, alignment across a customer journey, using of high-velocity models to speed time to value and time to learning, and establishing modern capabilities for effective portfolio, program, and project management. If your organization has challenging digital transformation goals, ITIL 4 will provide you the tools and disciplines to help you meet the challenge.

itil Professional certifications 

Everyone's journey begins with an ITIL Foundation certification. ITIL Foundation provides a core understanding of the framework, its architecture, some key practices, and key terminology to get everyone on the same page. ITIL Professionals needing a deeper understanding may continue their studies in 1 of 2 tracks:
-ITIL Managing Professional or
-ITIL Strategic Leader.
ITIL Managing Professional (MP) includes:

-Create, Deliver, and Support- Develop and deliver the value streams that will optimize customer value and reduce your costs and risks.

-Drive Stakeholder Value – Develop your customer journeys, define your touchpoints, identify your key “moments of truth,” and ensure you are able to set and manage expectations to deliver results for your customers and for the service provider.

-High Velocity IT – Learn how to accelerate your organization’s ability to implement change, become more adaptive, and take advantage of the fast flow and fast feedback of high-velocity IT.

-Direct, Plan, and Improve* – Establish robust organizational governance and management practices, build and leverage effective metrics, and build continual improvement capabilities that work.

*Both ITIL Managing Professional and ITIL Strategic leader include this course
ITIL Strategic Leader (SL) includes: 

-Digital and IT Strategy – Prepare your organization for the necessary changes it will need to take on to take full advantage of digital transformation. Examine innovation approaches, risk management, adaptive strategy, and how to help your organization build a culture to support effective digital business models. (Coming Soon)

-Direct, Plan, and Improve* – Establish robust organizational governance and management practices, build and leverage effective metrics, and build continual improvement capabilities that work.
For individuals seeking true enlightenment, they may become ITIL Masters by gaining certification in both advanced tracks.

ITIL consulting 

 Deep Creek’s consulting practice works with your organization to meet its objectives. Your IT group may be well on its way to implementing the whole of the framework and need only a gap analysis while another might be at the beginning of their ITIL implementation. Deep Creek wants to help your organization successfully adopt and adapt the framework. Sometimes a set of outside eyes and skill sets can supplement the professionals on your own teams. 
 Among the many supporting consulting activities our client's have found helpful are:  

- Service Desk Optimization
- Establishment and Improvement of Change, Release, and Configuration Management Practices
- Service Catalogs and Service Request Management and automation
- Tool adoption, alignment, and integration
- Supplier alignment and improvement
- Integration of ITSM and Agile practices
- Information Security Management practice adoption and frameworks
- Digital Transformation

Join our itil mentoring community 

It can help to share problems, ideas and engage with a global community of other professionals who are implementing the same framework you are. Deep Creek Center is proud to provide a free forum for trained professionals implementing the ITIL Framework. Membership for you and members of your team is completely free. Join and post your questions, share interesting articles, or just check out what other people are saying and thinking as they manage their security challenges.