Making IT Work episode 6 Customer Journeys: Offer part 2

Cost justified, competitive bids result from understanding both our customers and our own costs, capabilities, and services.  What sounds like a confusing flood of information is laid into a coherent development plan walking you through  service blueprinting, service interaction and bidding.

In this episode Patrick von Schlag takes a high-level viewpoint to discuss how Best Practice frameworks  impact the design of service offerings and structure bid development.  Among the components discussed are the

LEAN principles of the Value Proposition, cost and risks, and mapping value streams;

Agile development options, bottle necks, weakest links,  MVP, iterative solutions, capabilities, enablers, feedback loops and the benefits of a pull versus push system;

Dev-Ops AB testing, canary releases and the new

ITIL 4 High Velocity IT principles integrating Design Thinking to improve customer experience and outcomes.

Customer Journeys: Offer part 2