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Integrating ITIL with project management

One of the many issues facing organizations trying to get substantial traction with ITIL initiatives is the incorrect perception that ITIL is “for operations.” I can’t begin to count the number of developers and project managers who have openly asked in one of my Foundations classes “this isn’t for projects, right?” Well, yes, of course […]
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ITIL hands make light work…

Today’s post really is meant to remind all of us (myself very much included) why ITIL and IT service management matter. 20 years ago, if my email service went down, hardly anyone even noticed (On my BITNET account, I probably could send e-mail to about 5 people). Now, an e-mail outage can disrupt world commerce […]
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Changing the way we think about change management

One of the more challenging problems with deploying ITIL processes is our desire to make workflows linear. We teach the lifecycle one domain at a time, and teach processes in association with the book in which they are described. Reality is seldom so tidy, however. Processes like Change Management, Service Asset and Configuration Management, and […]
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Request Fulfillment is really obvious…and really important

One of the new processes in ITIL v3 is the Request Fulfillment process. The premise is simple enough; we get a number of routine service requests from users, so how do we deal with them and get them taken care of in a way that minimizes the pain? Users want us to facilitate the approvals […]
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What you need to know about ITIL

Was just reading a white paper that a co-worker of mine was using to help explain the basic objectives of ITIL, and it was reflective of its publishing time, mid-2007, when many of us were struggling to figure out exactly how the alignment of V2 processes and the V3 lifecycle would work. There are many good summaries […]
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Introducing how-to videos on ITIL core concepts

In the very near future, we willl be introducing a series of short “How to” ITIL videos on this blog that will focus on implementing ITIL core concepts effectively in the real world. Since the ITIL is not a theory, but an aggregation of practical strategies for managing and supporting IT services, many of my […]
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