Paul Fitterer named course director and instructor for Deep Creek Center

DPaul Fitterereep Creek Center, an IT training and business consulting firm based in Highland, Maryland, today announced that Paul Fitterer, former CIO of Ingersoll-Rand, will join its faculty.

“Paul brings a special level of knowledge in strategic planning, sourcing strategy and the manufacturing space,” said Patrick von Schlag, president of Deep Creek.

“I am delighted to be part of the Deep Creek instructional team. This will provide new opportunities to work with customers both in greater Washington, DC, and New York,” said Fitterer.

“Paul’s leadership in training and consulting will help us continue to serve large customers looking to enhance their overall ITSM strategy,” said von Schlag.

Deep Creek Center anticipates a significant expansion in ITSM (information technology systems management) among manufacturing companies over the next few years, according to von Schlag.

“There is a great need for additional awareness on how to use ITSM strategically to support mission objectives,” said von Schlag. “We’re excited about Paul because he will help us expand our ability to support strategic ITSM. Too many people are doing ITSM with an operational view – Paul brings the bigger picture which our clients find refreshing, applicable and valuable.”