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Biological Supply Company

    In the era of digital transformation and online purchasing, a market leading provider of biological supplies for schools and universities was having trouble keeping their many customers and stakeholders aware of all of the different kinds of products and services they offered, from e-learning to lab supplies to instructional posters, all with elaborate support kits to provide science teachers with the supports they needed. To address these issues and decrease their time to market, they chose to adopt Agile and Scrum practices…for their marketing and sales teams. Leveraging product backlogs, sprint plans, Kanban boards, and LEAN process improvement and flow activities, they were able to dramatically reduce their wait time, improve the productivity of their teams, and enable them to open new sales and support channels for their customers.

    Auto Club Services

      A popular auto club with motorist support services throughout North America struggled to improve organizational project performance, enhance existing IT services, and maintain customer expectations. They chose to respond by adopting Scrum as their methodology, changing their focus from technology provider to service partner, and enabling them to heal rifts that had developed with their business customers. Using Scrum enabled them to better assess their customer’s needs, align work and effort to business value, streamline work processes, and improve collaboration and inter-team working. Learning programs were first targeted at team leads throughout the organization and are expanding to include all of the team members to ensure a common set of goals and expectations with a common set of practices.
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