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RESILIA Practitioner 

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Course Length
2 days
Credits Earned
18 PDU credits
This two-day hands-on Resilia Practitioner certification course introduces the student to implementation techniques for applying the fundamentals of cyber resilience. Accredited by ACQUIROS, the course helps students prepare for the Resilia Practitioner certification exam along with acquiring detailed tools and templates and practical experience in planning and executing Resilia in their organizations. This course features lectures, discussion, team exercises and quizzes. It culminates with an optional certification examination. 

What You Will Accomplish

  • Learn how the NCSF helps you identify, assess, and manage cybersecurity risk
  • Learn to develop a roadmap and scorecard for assessing and improving your cybersecurity risk management approach
  • Develop engineering, technology, and business centers to implement the Controls Factory Model
  • Prioritize investments to maximize positive impact
  • Build cybersecurity and cyber risk scorecards and roadmaps
  • Be able to answer the question - are we secure?

Who Should Attend

The qualification is aimed at professionals within the following areas:
  • IT and security functions
  • Risk and compliance functions
  • Core business functions including HR
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Operations and Marketing
  • Corporate Security Officer/ Manager
  • IT Security Officer/ Manager
  • Anyone who would benefit from cyber resilience expertise within the team

Course Outline

1 Overview
1.1 BA Responsibilities
1.2 Communications
1.2.1 Information distribution
1.2.2 Communications styles
1.3 Documentation strategy
2 Requirements Gathering
2.1 Levels of requirements on a 
2.2 Identifying needs vs. wants
2.3 Techniques for gathering 
2.3.1 Interviewing
2.3.2 Prototyping
2.3.3 Use Cases
2.3.4 Collaborative Workshops
2.3.5 Work Breakdown Structure
2.3.6 Business Process Analysis
2.3.7 Use Cases
2.4 Ranking requirements
3 Modeling
3.1 Business Process Analysis
3.1.1 Business Process Improvements (BPI)
3.1.2 Business Process Reengineering 
3.2 Data Modeling
3.2.1 Fundamentals
3.2.2 Entity Relationship Diagrams

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