PRINCE2® Foundation Extended Outline

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Course Description

This 3-day interactive PRINCE2 Foundation certification-training program introduces the student to the fundamentals of Project Management as described in Projects in Controlled Environments version 2. Accredited by ACQUIROS, the course helps students prepare for the certification exam along with acquiring valuable insights from instructors with extensive practical experience in managing IT organizations and deploying effective Project Management principles and practices.

This course features lectures, discussion, team exercises and quizzes. It culminates with an optional, one-hour certification examination. Courses are offered as Instructor-led, E-learning or Live-over-web opportunities.

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for all IT Management and Staff who need to understand the use of PRINCE2 in managing projects and their role in provisioning quality services for their customers.

Course Length

3 days


Chapter 1-Introduction

Lesson: Frameworks, Standards & Methods in Context
Learning Objectives
What is a Framework
The PMBOK as a Framework
PMBOK in Context
What is a Standard?
What is a Methodology?
PRINCE2 as a Methodology
Portfolios, Programs & Projects
Enterprise – Portfolio, Program & Project

Lesson: PRINCE2 Overview
Learning Objectives
What is a Project?
What is Project Management?
The Project Management Landscape
This is PRINCE2
PRINCE2 @ a Glance – High Level Processes
Project Performance Managed
Integrated Elements of PRINCE2
Benefits of PRINCE2

Chapter 02 – PRINCE2 Themes                                                                                      

Lesson: Introduction to Themes
An Introduction to Themes
Theme Descriptions

Lesson: Business Case Theme
Learning Objectives – Business Case
Business Case Theme
Purpose of the Business Case Theme
The Business Case Defined
Purpose of the Business Case
Purpose of the Benefits Review
PRINCE2 Approach to the Theme
Responsibilities Within the Theme

Lesson: Organization Theme
Learning Objectives – Organization
Organization Theme
Purpose of the Organization Theme
Organization Defined
The Stakeholders
Three Project Interests
PRINCE2 Approach to the Theme
The Project Team
Project Board
Project Board’s Characteristics & Roles
Project Assurance
Change Authority
Project Manager
Team Manager
Project Support
Communication Management Strategy
Responsibilities Within the Theme

Lesson: Quality Theme
Learning Objectives – Quality
Quality Theme
Purpose of the Quality Theme
Quality Defined
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance & Project Assurance
PRINCE2 Approach to the Theme
Expectations & Acceptance
Aspects of Quality
Got Quality?
PRINCE2 Quality Review Technique
Quality Theme Products
Responsibilities Within the Theme

Lesson: Plans
Learning Objectives – Plans
Plans Theme
Purpose of the Plans Theme
Plans Theme Defined
PRINCE2 Plan Levels
PRINCE2 Approach to the Theme
Product-based Planning Technique
Write the Product Description
Create Product Breakdown Structure
Write Product Descriptions
Create Product Flow Diagram
Responsibilities Within the Theme

Lesson: Risk
Learning Objectives – Risk
Risk Theme
Purpose of the Risk Theme
Risk Theme Defined
PRINCE2 Approach to the Theme
Risk Management Strategy
Risk Register
Risk Management Procedure
Risk Response
Risk Budget
Responsibilities Within the Theme

Lesson: Change
Learning Objectives – Change
Change Theme
Purpose of the Change Theme
Change Theme Defined
Issue Types
PRINCE2 Approach to the Theme
Control Products
Configuration Management
Issue & Change Control Procedure
Responsibilities Within the Theme

Lesson: Progress
Learning Objectives – Progress
Progress Theme
Purpose of the Progress Theme
Progress Theme Defined
Six Tolerance Areas
PRINCE2 Approach to the Theme
Delegating Authority
Delegated Tolerances & Reporting Progress
Control with Management Stages
Management & Technical Stages
Progress Baselines
Progress Report Products – Logs
Progress Report Products – Reports
Responsibilities Within the Theme
Themes Summary
Summary of Theme Descriptions

Chapter 03 – PRINCE2 Processes         

Lesson: Introduction to Processes
Learning Objectives
An Introduction to Processes
PRINCE2 Processes
PRINCE2 Journey
PRINCE2 Process Model

Lesson: Starting up a Project
Learning Objectives
Starting up a Project
Overview of Starting up a Project
Project Brief

Lesson: Directing a Project
Learning Objectives
Directing a Project
Overview Directing a Project

Lesson: Initiating a Project
Learning Objectives
Initiating a Project
Overview of Initiating a Project
Project Initiation Documentation

Lesson: Controlling a Stage
Learning Objectives
Controlling a Stage
Overview of Controlling a Stage

Lesson: Managing Product Delivery
Learning Objectives
Managing Product Delivery
Overview of Managing Product Delivery

Lesson: Managing a Stage Boundary
Learning Objectives
Managing a Stage Boundary
Overview of Managing a Stage Boundary

Lesson: Closing a Project
Learning Objectives
Closing a Project
Overview of Closing a Project
Processes Summary

Chapter 04 – PRINCE2 & ITIL                                                                               

Lesson: PRINCE2 & the ITIL
Learning Objectives
Three Aspects of PRINCE2 & IT Service Management
Organizational Transformation
ITIL Process Adoption
IT Service Lifecycle
ITSM – Portfolio, Program & Project
PRINCE2 & the ITIL Summary




An optional 1-hour, 40 question, closed book multiple choice examination is administered by an independent proctor at the end of the course. Certification is through CSME.

Credits Earned

18 PDU Credits

Course Director – Patrick von Schlag
Mr. von Schlag has more than 25 years of real-world experience managing IT and business organizations. He has served as a consultant, facilitator, and instructor in support of more than 200 ITSM program deployments, with a focus on practical benefits. He holds all 11 ITIL 2011 certifications and runs an accredited learning consultancy focused on “Making ITIL Work” in real organizations. He is a certified PRINCE2 Practitioner and has extensive experience integrating project management frameworks with other governance, service management, and quality frameworks. His customer list includes The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, Nike, Sears, US Marine Corps, US Army, US Air Force, 2nd and 5th Fleet US Navy, DISA, IRS, Federal Reserve, The Hartford, Citigroup, Amgen, Los Angeles County, Port of Long Beach, GDIT, Accenture, Serco, Deloitte, and hundreds of other market-leading organizations.

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