Content Development

Most organizations are trying to do more with less, and this typically includes not having course developers, technical writers, or subject matter experts (SME’s) on staff for every type of technology solution. Deep Creek Center SME’s have produced hundreds of world-class classroom, live e-learning, and anytime e-learning courses in a broad and deep array of technology areas, including networking, voice-data convergence, Web design, application development, database administration, development and design, storage networking, and operating systems. Our methodology avoids a mere recounting of product features and memorization in favor of tailoring training to verifiable business results and improving productivity.

Using our innovative Immersion Learning technique, we will build your learning solution so that students acquire real business skills while moving toward expertise in the subject matter. With ExpertsDirect™, we use only the top authorities in their fields to design and implement Deep Creek Center learning solutions so you can be sure of getting top notch curriculum. Our content development team will work with you through each step of the design process to ensure you are getting the product you want. Multiple checkpoints ensure quality control and satisfaction throughout the entire process.