Certification Design

IT Certification programs are critical to the success of IT markets. They allow vendors a means of assessing and validating the quality of the technicians and system architects who will work with their systems. A well-designed certification demonstrates to customers that the vendor stands behind their products. By providing a way to develop and identify qualified personnel, a strong certification will provide your customers a way to hire candidates with the skills they need to support their business.

Deep Creek Center uses proven methods to design and implement certification programs. Working with your subject matter experts, we’ll help you build a program that teaches how, when, and where to use your tools to generate optimum business value. Strong skills-based certifications gain uptake in the industry and hold their value through the rigor of their design and their emphasis on doing rather than knowing. Deep Creek Center has worked with several of the world’s leading technology companies to develop and bring to market the next generation of IT vendor certification programs, for leading manufacturers in servers, storage networking, and IT security.