Blended learning – a new concept that isn’t new

Blended learning programs have been around for as long as people have been learning. The core idea of course is very simple. Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach to learning a new set of knowledge or skills, combine multiple approaches in a way that provides the student with flexibility that allow adaptation to support different learning styles and pacing.

Sounds like a simple good practice to me; find an efficient and effective way to get someone the knowledge and skills they need.

The dirty little secret of the training industry is this one: most people don’t in fact want training at all. They want knowledge, skills, experiences, and perhaps recognized credentials. Training at best is a means to these more meaningful ends. From the learner’s perspective, the goal is simple: achieve the ends with the “right” combination of means, whatever that is.

Deep Creek recognizes that not all learners want to take (or even can afford the money or time for) 5-day courses on every subject. That’s a supplier-driven view of the world. Learner-based programs have to offer a combination of key resources:

  • Effective methods of knowledge transfer
  • Peer interaction and engagement
  • Expert coaching and support
  • Validation of the knowledge and skills

Our approach to learning is anchored in supporting learner choices and options. Choices in classroom vs. self-paced vs live-over-the Web classes. Mentoring support communities of practice. Real experts providing more than just “real-world” training; “really good lessons learned” so that participants benefit from the accumulated knowledge and good practices of hundreds of market leading organizations.

Blended programs are often as distinctive as you…let us know your “ends” and we’ll work with you to provide the “means” to help you achieve your goals.