Our Approach

Learning solutions are only solutions if they produce results

Deep Creek Center works closely with our customers to understand the key business results they want to achieve. Then we tailor a solution specifically focused to achieve those goals.

Buying learning solutions shouldn’t mean asking for part numbers. You can get the tailored solution you need for the price that you want. Find out more by talking to a Deep Creek Center consultant.

Deep Creek Center training methodology avoids knowledge-only training and aims to give students skills and steps toward expertise in the subject. We do this through the use of:

  • Expert instructors – Our instructors are world-class experts in their field with years of industry experience to go beyond the course materials and answer specific questions.
  • Informative courseware – We design our courseware as a useful reference book rather than a reproduction of classroom slides. Students can use the course manual to remind them of skills learned during the course.
  • Interactive labs – We avoid cookie-cutter labs that walk a student through a skill step by step in favor of job tasks the students might see using the product. If the learner has to think about the way to solve a problem, he or she is much more likely to remember the appropriate skills.

Most IT learners require a combination of the right content, delivery, and support tools to help them learn, while eliminating gaps in their understanding. Immersion Learning takes into account the organization’s business requirements to develop a tailored learning program that precisely meets the needs of their development teams. The courses’ modular design allows the organization to adjust the pace and focus of learning and modify course components to comfort level and learning modality preferences.