750.00 Individual Scrum Library 365 E-Learning


Individual Scrum Library 365 E- Learning courses.


Product Description

The Scrum Library 365 provides access to all Scrum e-learning courses for one student for three hundred, sixty-five (365) days. Students may develop their own timetable about when to work through courses, prepare for and take the corresponding exams.  Please note all exams are purchased separately.

All e-learning courses are professionally produced, streaming video-based courses. E-learning courses provide the same learning materials, including slides, review questions and instruction as a live or live-over-web course.Students gain unlimited access to the Scrum Library of courses for 365 days.

This course includes courseware only. Exam vouchers may be purchased separately after a course has been completed.  Please contact info@deepcreekcenter.com to purchase exam vouchers. Exam prices are as follows:

Scrum Developer Certified Exam – $200 per person/per exam
Scrum Master Certified Exam – $450 per person/per exam
Scrum Product Owner Certified Exam – $600 per person/per exam
Agile Expert Certified Exam – $550 per person/per exam

Please contact Deep Creek Center at info@deepcreekcenter.com after purchase for specific course download information.