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ITIL® Capability Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA)

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    320.19 ITIL Capability- Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA)

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    320.00 ITIL Capability Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA) self-paced e-learning 2019

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Course Length
5 days
Credits Earned
38 PDU credits
4 ITIL credits
The Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA) course is intended to help organizations establish consistent practices in strategic planning, portfolio management, service level management, and supplier management to set, manage, and deliver to their customers’ expectations.

What You Will Accomplish

The Service Offerings and Agreements subject areas are:
  • Service Portfolio Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Service Catalogue Management
  • Demand Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Financial Management

Who Should Attend

The Service Capability series will be of interest to candidates who wish to be certified in a deep level understanding of ITIL processes and roles. Attention to the Service Lifecycle is illustrated as part of the curriculum; however the primary focus is the process activities, execution and use throughout the Service Lifecycle. Job Roles include:
  • Senior IT Mgmt (CIO/CTO, IT Director, VP IT)
  • Senior Program Management and PMO Leadership
  • Portfolio Management
  • IT Financial Management
  • Enterprise Analysts
  • Service Design Managers
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Solution Developers
  • Service Level Managers
  • Service Catalog Manager
  • Service Planners

Course Outline

Introduction to Service Offerings and Agreements
  • SOA Principles
  • Creating Value
  • SOA Context
  • Relationships
  • Metrics and Measures
  • Challenges
Service Portfolio Management
  • Key Concepts
  • Service Portfolio Management Method
  • Option Space Tool
  • Critical Success Factors, Challenges, and Risks
Service Catalog Management
  • Creating and Maintaining the Catalog
  • Establishing Views
  • Process Activities
  • Service Definitions
  • Interface with Service Portfolio Management
  • Example Service Catalog Entry
  • Challenges, CSFs, and Risks
Service Level Management
  • SLM Process Architecture
  • SLM Frameworks
  • Service Level Requirements
  • Negotiating SLAs
  • Establishing Monitoring, Measurement, and Reporting
  • Service Reviews
  • Establishing Service Improvement Plans (SIPs)
  • SLA and OLA Components
  • Challenges, CSFs. And Risks
Demand Management
  • Activity-based Demand Management
  • Patterns of Business Activity (PBAs)
  • User Profiles (UPs)
  • Demand Modeling
  • Core, Enabling, and Enhancing Services
  • Service Packages
  • Challenges, CSFs, and Risks
Supplier Management
  • Establishing Supplier Strategy and Policies
  • Evaluating New Suppliers
  • Supplier Categorization
  • Establishing a Supplier and Contract Management System (SCMIS)
  • Supplier Risk Management
  • Supplier Reviews
  • Renewing or Terminating Contracts
  • Challenges, CSFs, and Risks
Financial Management for IT Services
  • Service Provider as Cost Center or Value Center
  • Funding Models
  • Service Valuation
  • The ABC of Financial Management
  • Accounting
  • Cost Models
  • Cost categorizations
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Budgeting
  • Charging
  • Charging Models
  • Planning Cycles
  • ROI Models
  • Challenges, CSFs, and Risks
Business Relationship Management
  • Initiation by Customer or Service Provider
  • BRM as a facilitator of strategic relationships
  • Supporting the Service Lifecycle
  • Challenges, CSFs, and Risks
Organizing, Technology, and Implementation
  • Defining RACI Models
  • Using the ITIL Generic Roles
  • SOA Roles and Responsibilities
  • Planning Technology
  • Technology Implementation
  • Implementation Planning
  • Challenges, CSFs and Risks

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