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  • ITIL 3/2011 Capability Release Control and Validation (RCV)
The Release, Control, and Validation (RCV) course is intended to help organizations establish effective and efficient controls for optimizing the business value of changes, managing risk, and preparing for successful transition of new and changed services by ensuring user, customer, and operational readiness.

What You Will Accomplish

The Release, Control and Validation subject areas are:
  • Change Management
  • Service Release and Deployment Management
  • Service Validation and Testing
  • Service Asset and Configuration Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Request Fulfillment
  • Service Evaluation

Who Should Attend

The Service Capability series will be of interest to candidates who wish to be certified in a deep level understanding of ITIL processes and roles. Attention to the Service Lifecycle is illustrated as part of the curriculum; however, the primary focus is the process activities, execution and use throughout the Service Lifecycle. Job Roles Include:
  • Service Transition Managers
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Change Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Configuration Managers
  • Release and Deployment Managers
  • Validation and Testing Managers
  • Knowledge Managers
  • Service Catalog and/or Request Fulfillment Managers

Please contact Deep Creek Center for information on scheduling a course.
Course Length
5 days
Credits Earned
38 PDU credits
4 ITIL credits

Course Outline

Introduction to RCV
  • Governance
  • Management
  • Quality
  • Defining Key Interfaces
  • Challenges, CSFs, and Risks
Change Management
  • Change Policy
  • Types of Changes
  • Change Models
  • Standard Changes
  • Establishing a Change Advisory Board
  • Change Process Activities
  • Requesting Changes
  • Assessing Changes
  • Cost, Risk, and Value
  • Authorizing Changes
  • Change Authorization Matrix
  • Build/Coordination of Change
  • Post Implementation Reviews
  • Challenges, CSFs, and Risks
Service Asset and Configuration Management
  • SACM Policy
  • Configuration Models
  • Configuration Management Systems (CMS)
  • Definitive Media Library (DML) and definitive spares
  • Configuration baselines
  • Management and Planning
  • Configuration Identification
  • Configuration Control
  • Status Accounting
  • Audit and Verification
  • Challenges, CFS, and Risks
Release and Deployment Management
  • Balancing Cost and Risk
  • Release Units and Identification
  • Release Design Options
  • Release and Deployment Models
  • Build and Test Environment Management
  • Deployment planning (readiness)
  • Transfer, deploy, and retire
  • Early Life Support
  • Challenges, CSFs, and Risks
Service Validation and Testing
  • Policy guidelines
  • Establishing testing strategy
  • Test models
  • Business and Use Testing
  • Operations and Service Testing
  • Establishing a testing Approach
  • Reporting
  • Clean Up and Closure
  • Challenges, CSFs, and Risks
Request Fulfillment
  • Receiving Requests
  • Logging and Validation
  • Approvals
  • Categorization and Prioritization
  • Using Request Models
  • Challenges, CSFs, and Risks
Change Evaluation
  • Evaluation of Business Fit and performance vs goals
  • Manage Deviations
  • What would it mean if…?
  • Service Design Evaluation
  • Pre-Deployment Evaluation
  • Acceptance Evaluation
  • Evaluation Plans
  • Effects of Changes
  • Evaluating Predicted and Actual Performance
  • Evaluation Report
  • Challenges, CSFs, and Risks
Knowledge Management
  • The DIKW Model
  • Service Knowledge Management System
  • KM Strategy
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Usage of SKMS
  • Challenges, CSFs, and Risks
Organizing, Technology, and Implementation
  • Using the ITIL Generic Roles
  • RCV Roles and Responsibilities
  • Planning Technology
  • Technology Implementation
  • Implementation Planning
  • Challenges, CSFs and Risks

Please contact Deep Creek Center for information.
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