Deep Creek Center recognizes that effective assessment tools are vital to the success of a training program. These assessments take numerous forms, from student evaluation “smile sheets” to knowledge and skill retention tests to return on investment (ROI) analyses. We design and deliver effective low- and high-stakes assessments that will give a critical measure of the success of your training program.

While labs in the classroom often involve the students in hands-on application of the skills they are to master as part of the training, most programs don’t test the students at all, or settle for a multiple-choice exam at the end of the course to measure progress. This kind of knowledge-based tool is useful, but works better when combined with performance-based elements that test the skills the student has acquired as well as their knowledge, and their ability to adapt them to realistic workplace scenarios.

Assessments have value at multiple stages of the training process:

Measure Customer Satisfaction: Evaluation forms capture the students’ immediate sense of the value of a course, though they will not measure knowledge or skills gained.

Assess Effectiveness and Persistence of Learning: A knowledge and skills-based assessment should ideally be given three times to the students.

  • The first examination should take place before the training to show what the student already knows of the curriculum before taking the course.
  • A second assessment given just after training when compared to the pre-test will reveal the knowledge and skills the student gained as an immediate result of training.
  • The third assessment should be given three to six months after the training to show how much knowledge and skill the student has retained from their training. This will also show how well the training is targeted at the business needs of the students.

Estimate Return on Investment: Based on key performance indicators you’ve measured throughout the learning process, you are armed with the details you’d need to illustrate increased productivity and, as appropriate, you can assign a dollar value to the effectiveness of the training.


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