Archive of month: November 2014

Putting the Service in IT Service Management

Many people understandably think about ITIL as a process framework. When you describe good practices for 25+ processes and capabilities it seems a no brainer. Yet when you look at the books, their names, and their objectives, it becomes clear that processes are an important means (COBIT calls them one of seven enablers), but that […]
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Categorize this!

Several ITIL processes include a categorization activity, most prominently Incident and Problem Management. Categorization capabilities in most of the major tool families are widely misunderstood, and because of that, organizations lose some of their most valuable data.
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Crossing the Chasm – Projects, Operations, and Best Practices

Deep Creek has worked with customers for many years to help them better align IT services to business needs. This has drawn us to provide training and mentoring support in lots of different best practice areas, from governance, to quality management, to project management, to service management, and so on. When ITIL restructured itself in […]
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