Deploying and Improving your Configuration Management Process

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Course Description

An Implementation Workshop for Making ITIL Work™

Most organizations have invested in implementing configuration management in their organizations and have invested in tools and training to improve the performance of their teams. Yet, for many organizations, there is a stubborn lack of progress. High turnover, process/tool alignment, and governance issues prevent you from getting the results you intended.

This workshop will help you and your teams to overcome these challenges and get your Service Asset and Configuration Management process back on track. This program is an in-depth, practical workshop to help you

  • Assess your current capabilities
  • Identify gaps in your processes, tools, and governance
  • Set specific and achieveable goals for driving improvements to your process
  • Establish appropriate policies, procedures, and work instructions for your teams
  • Align your processes with your tooling configurations
  • Focus on key metrics to drive intended performance
  • Improve your knowledge management
  • Improve your change success rate and reduce the number of incidents
  • Improve quality and availability of services

Key areas of focus in the course include

  • Defining process objectives
  • Establishing Policy and Governance
  • Process Workflow Improvements
    • Defining your Configuration Management Plan
    • Using Identification activities to define the key attributes you want to track and manage
    • Building Process alignment with Change Management, Release and Deployment, and Service Validation and Testing
    • Defining “enough” Configuration Management to enable your organization to gain the optimal benefits
    • Driving effective use of Configuration information by your other process areas
  • Defining and aligning Roles and Responsibilities
  • Defining key metrics
  • Understanding how to leverage your service management tools more effectively to support your process implementation
  • Getting buy-in from senior management to support your IT Service Management activities

Who Should Attend?

Senior IT and business executives, IT management, staff, consultants, project managers, business liaisons and others interested in learning about IT Service Management.

Course Length

2 days
(Private offerings of this course can be extended one or more additional days to include detailed application of the course concepts directly to your organization’s processes and tools or to allow integration of this program with Change Management and/or Release and Deployment Management workshops)

Course Director

Patrick von Schlag
Mr. von Schlag has more than 25 years of real-world experience managing IT and business organizations. He has served as a consultant, facilitator, and instructor in support of more than 200 ITSM program deployments, with a focus on practical benefits. He holds all 11 ITIL 2011 certifications and runs an accredited learning consultancy focused on Making ITIL Work in real organizations. His customer list includes The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, Nike, Sears, US Marine Corps, US Army, US Air Force, 2nd and 5th Fleet US Navy, DISA, IRS, Federal Reserve, The Hartford, Citigroup, Amgen, Los Angeles County, Port of Long Beach, GDIT, Accenture, Serco, Deloitte, and hundreds of other market-leading companies.

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